Struggling to escape his past a haunted teen relocates with his mother to the suburbs, and becomes fast friends with another troubled adolescent.  Past tragedies collide with neighborhood misunderstandings, driving them toward their bittersweet redemption.

Chad Summers and his mother move to the suburbs, seeking change and stability in their unsettled lives.  Chad meets Rob Walters and the two cement an instant connection; sharing glimpses of each other's difficult past amidst the comfortable disconnect between the parents and the teens.  Their friendship is tested when events taking place in the neighborhood outwardly convince Rob that Chad has reverted into a nightmare from his past.  All the while, dysfunction swirls throughout the seemingly placid neighborhood, culminating in an ultimate showdown of trust over silence and abuse, and love's ability to heal the past.  

* Slamdance screenplay competition review: " It as an unusual tragic story that can be successfully marketed"
* Won The Golden Palm award for Best Script in the Beverly Hills Film Festival:  "This film will live timelessly with every audience member in his/her heart and mind"
* Blue Cat Screenplay competition review: "I liked a lot of things about this script. You have a great sense of structure and have created a free flowing, page turner of a script. The story moves forward at a great pace. There were moments I laughed and moments I literally squirmed.  It really hit a lot of great notes You used mis-direction well throughout. The opening scenes I thought I was in store for another "Graduate" type of story. However, it turned out to be an effective way to introduce Ella without dwelling on her too much. The end was really great as I was thinking "Chad got what he deserved anyway and then was proven wrong!"
* CENTURY 21 Screenplay competition review:  "This story has some good elements of misunderstanding which cause a lot of violence and heartache. The topic is a good one which is always relevant in today's society"